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Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies
Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies
Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies
Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray - Kyrgies

Kyrgies Classics in our new low-back style.

Kyrgies most popular color with an indoor felt sole and a low back for easily slipping on and off.

Kyrgies classics provide the ultimate in cozy vibes and a hygge home. They are handmade using felting techniques that are centuries-old. The unique texture of these house shoes will invigorate your feet after a long day at work or a round at the gym. Kyrgies classics feature a synthetic felt sole with silicone grips.

    Kyrgies house shoes are handmade in Kyrgyzstan by artisans using felting techniques that are, literally, centuries old. By wearing Kyrgies, you are embracing an old tradition of felted wool that was originally developed on the steppes of Central Asia but spread around the Western World via the infamous Silk Road. While our modern lives have brought us many conveniences, some things simply can't be improved upon. Wool felted shoes are one of those things.

    Kyrgies Classics Low-Back - Gray

    $ 49.00

    • The sizing on our product pages is a translation of the European sizing that is stamped on the bottom of our slippers.

      If you think you are in between sizes, we suggest selecting the larger size. 

    • We ship each pair of Kyrgies individually in an envelope partially made of recycled materials.

      Orders are typically shipped one business day after the order has been placed. From time to time, we may get backed up a day or two. Please note that all of our orders are packed and sent by real people in a small warehouse in Northern Virginia.

    • Your satisfaction is our number one concern. If you are unhappy with your Kyrgies, please let us know.

      US Customers

      The simplest and easiest way to conduct a return or exchange is to visit https://kyrgies.returnly.com/.

      We are happy to exchange you unworn slippers for a different size or color. If you would simply like to return your unworn slippers for a refund, this is the place for that as well. Please note that it is out store policy to only exchange or refund products that were purchases within 60 days of the return. 

      IF YOUR ITEM IS DEFECTIVE: Please email us at hello@kyrgies.com with your issue. 

      Canadian Customers

      Please email us at hello@kyrgies.com with any questions about returns and exchanges. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for your exchange shipping. You will have to send us the Kyrgies in unused condition for a refund and order another pair in the size you'd prefer.


    • Washing your Kyrgies - Kyrgies do not like to get wet. Like wool sweaters, they will shrink and become misshapen. The magic of wool felt is that it wicks moisture and shouldn't ever smell. If you do spill motor oil or bacon grease all over your Kyrgies, you can save them by getting them dry cleaned. 
      Just do not wash Kyrgies with water. It will change your Kyrgies and they will be rendered unwearable. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 175 reviews

    Really enjoying the slippers. I bought too many inserts and three are in tomorrow's return mail.

    Perfect Slippers for a Sweet BF

    I spent many hours researching the perfect slippers for my BF for Christmas. We live in LA so we need something cozy, yet light and breathable. The first pair I found him for Christmas morning were shearling and way too hot. We spent even more time searching and on a recommendation from my brother, got these Kyrgies! They look and feel great! Now I want my own pair :)


    Really warm but still trying to get used to the lack of support. They are beautiful though, and I do love their feel and look. Thank you.

    Horrible service

    Ordered them in December and by end of January they had not arrived. I sent an enquiry and apparently they were well aware of the problem with orders to Canada, yet were not proactive in contacting me. After contact they sent an explanation blaming the “chicago facility” of USPC and offered a refund on the condition they be mailed back if they arrive. They couldn’t confirm i was actually ever going to receive them. The cost of mailing at retail rates to the US would eat into a major portion of the refund so even though this unacceptable “delay” is no fault of mine, I would end up in the hole? The reason i am writing this, however, is that when i wrote a week later asking for an update, they didn’t bother to respond. Almost 7 weeks for delivery and they didn’t seem to start working on the problem until week 5 or 6. I had said take a day or two to figure this out and if you can’t, I will take the refund. Insead they just stopped communicating. Can’t really say what the slippers are like because they’re at the address that I was visiting when they should have arrived.

    Nice but poorly constructed.

    I like the felted material, but after about a month the slippers have begun falling apart. First, the grips on the sole have come off, causing me to fall down the stairs with my toddler. Now the soles have begun peeling off entirely. Shockingly poor construction for the price.

    Matthew - really sorry to hear those wore off. We had some faulty pairs in the last batch of classics and we're replacing them all. I'll email you. Thanks for letting us know.