Men's Tengries Walkabouts

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Color: Charcoal

Size: 7-7.5 (40 EU)

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Men's Tengries Walkabouts 

Step Outside in Your Kyrgies!

Wear the Tengries you love everywhere with our new Walkabouts. Designed with a flexible and durable rubber sole, you can enjoy the comfort, durability, and warmth of your favorite Kyrgies’ style anywhere your day might take you. 

Each pair of Walkabouts is handcrafted by felt artisans in our Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan workshop who work from large sheets of pliable wool felt to develop our softest, coziest house shoes yet. The easy pull-on style forms around your foot, making each pair of Walkabouts uniquely perfect just for you. 

Our new super-durable crepe-style soles, made from vulcanized milk of rubber, ensure Tengries Walkabouts will provide insulation from the elements, grip surfaces firmly, and provide comfortable support.


Talk to me about why Tengries are an eco-friendly choice

High five! Our Tengries Walkabouts are just as good for the planet as they are for your feet. Thanks to low-impact, chemical-free dyes, our shoemaking process never sacrifices quality for a commitment to less waste, a minimal environmental footprint, and fair-trade practices. Read more about our commitment to 1% for the Planet to learn more.

What’s more, we go out of our way to minimize our environmental impact, all while maximizing the positive social impact of adopting fair-trade practices at our factory in Kyrgyzstan. Read about our sustainability commitments and craftsmanship to learn more.


How can I work out which size will fit?

We always recommend choosing your normal size shoe, although if you’re between sizes, opt for the larger one. If your new house slippers do come up a little large, a cozy pair of socks (or one of our specially-designed insoles) should do the trick.

Please note that being handcrafted, our slippers have a small chance of coming up larger or smaller in size than expected. If this is the case, our fast returns service means you can swap them for the correct size.

How can I keep my Kyrgies clean?

As we’ve said above, your Tengries should be kept far away from water. If you have an unfortunate accident involving bacon grease or similar, we recommend a quick trip to your nearest dry cleaners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Tom Masterson

Very uncomfortable.. didn’t like at all


Ok slipper. Not as cushiony as I thought it would be on the soles, but a nice fit. Probably wouldn’t buy again.

Ricky Crano
So cozy

Like being in slippers all day long!

Neil Blake
Love the comfort, disappointed in the durability

First, I love Kyrgies. The Walkabouts checked all the boxes for me.

The good: Great fit. Perfect warmth. The wool conformed nicely to my feet and keeps me warm. We have wood floors throughout our home and these are great all day long. I got the Walkabouts as I wanted to wear them outside to take out the trash or chase down a toddler, and they worked well for that. I can't say how much I liked wearing these. They are just what I was looking for and going forward I'll stick with wool and probably this brand.

The sad: Earlier this year though, rubber chunks started coming off the bottoms and now I have a few holes in the rubber. The wool parts still look brand new. The holes haven't worked their way through the wool bottom of the slipper yet, but they are no longer good for going outside. I got them on 1/6/21 (it's now 10/31/23) and wear them mostly in the chilly months, so I'm disappointed they didn't last longer. Dropping $100 on a slipper was a big deal for me, so maybe my expectations were high. I can't afford to do it every year, or even every other year. I emailed customer service and they said they expect 3-4 years of life out of them depending on wear, but they said that the leather soled versions last longer. If I did it again, I would go with the leather soles. My wife has had her leather soled ones for over three years and the soles still look (and function) great. I may look into seeing if a local shoe shop can put a leather soul on my Walkabouts.

Conclusion: TL;DR, I love the shoe, wish it lasted longer and I'd recommend the Tengries over the Walkabouts.

Recommended, but, get informed about sizing

item: Men's Tengries Walkabouts

The companies sizing chart showing EU(European) and US(United States) is entirely inaccurate compared to virtually if not all other footwear sellers. Typically a UK 46.5 is a US 12.5. In the past I chose UK 47 from a different supplier of a twin to the Tengries because they looked difficult to donn. They broke-in fine. In contrast, the Kyrgies website show UK 47 equals US 14-14.5; this is not even close to accurate. A UK 47 is equal to US 13, not 14-14.5.

One needs two hands to put these on, they are not slip-ons and never will be.
New out of the box, they are very difficult to donn.

There are none which was an unwelcome surprise. The twin of this slipper from a different seller included a simple wool footbed which is far better than not having one. Order a foot bed in addition to the slippers.


When worn daily in the morning before dressing and in the evening before bed they lasted 1 year. Strangely, a hole wore in the wool on the lateral side of the the foot that is more narrow than the other foot. One would expect wear to be on the sides of the wider foot.

Toe box:
Medium to wide, very roomy. People with narrow feet consider some other style.


Nice sticky gum rubber which lasted longer than the wool uppers.

Other Observations:

Can be a little irritating to the skin where the slipper collar touches the ankle.

I am somewhat of a repeat buyer. The seller of the twin to this slipper didn't have my size, so, I purchased Kyrgies this time.

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