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Old Refresh Your Feet

When we say that Kyrgies "refresh your feet," we mean it literally. Kyrgies are the the perfect slipper to put on after a run or trip to the gym, as they wick away sweat and evaporate moisture. They're also ideal for life in a hot climate, where your feet are trapped all day in shoes made of material developed in labs. Those synthetic materials cause your feet to sweat, and to smell. The natural fibers in wool felt let your feet breathe. Those same properties make Kyrgies an ideal slipper in winter, when wool is synonymous with cozy, and the air bubbles in wool felt help radiate back your foot's natural warmth.  

But there's more to the magic of these slippers.  The makers of wool felt footwear along the silk road, where Kyrgies are handmade, have believed for thousands of years that the wool felt contained in Kyrgies actually helps stimulate circulation. This makes Kyrgies ideal for anyone suffering edema, and can help anyone who has circulation issues to stimulate their tired feet. Kyrgies are the perfect slipper for anyone who is pregnant or was recently pregnant, where circulation is often an issue. Anecdotally, there's no question in our mind that when we get out of constrictive footwear and into Kyrgies, we feel like our feet can breathe. That's why we say that Kyrgies refresh your feet.