Kyrgies Upcycled Capsule Collection

A circular design collaboration with FABSCRAP and Drexel University 

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Kyrgies & FABSCRAP

Rejuvenating Returned Product

Our Problem:

Kyrgies has lots of returned slippers that are cosmetically damaged. We can’t resell them as new, but they are functionally fine and they are starting to accumulate around our warehouse.


FABSCRAP is a non-porfit organization dedicated to reusing and recycling the fashion industry’s fabric waste. FABSCRAP is an organization with lots of expertise in this space as well as lots of connections throughout the fashion industry. FABSCRAP proposed reworking the Kyrgies slides into an entirely new collection with the help of Drexel University.

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FABSCRAP extends the life of fabrics recovered from your favorite brands


Martin Queenan's design was selected by Kyrgies and FABSCRAP

Design Brief:

Students at Drexel were challenged with re-designing the indoor slide shoes for Kyrgies and had the use of deadstock materials and trims from FABSCRAP to realize the project and concept shoe for production. We were blown away by the originality and quality of the designs from the Drexel students. They all understood the assignment. However, we had to pick one winner. While they all looked great, we were also looking for a design that could be replicated at scale. We were also looking for something that would work with several different colors of Kyrgies.

At the final critique, a winning design by student Martin Queenan was chosen by Kyrgies. Martin’s designs looked great. His use of stripes across the toes can be adapted into scalable production. He also used denim. As everyone knows, denim looks great with just about every color.


The next step was producing our capsule collection. FABSCRAP connected Kyrgies with LW Pearl Atelier in New York. They were able to incorporate our selected design into our capsule collection using fabric supplied by FABSCRAP.

That means that a limited number of these rejuvenated Kyrgies Wool Slides will be available for purchase. Watch this space for more information on how to purchase a pair of these very limited and special Kyrgies.

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Martin Queenan's design was selected by Kyrgies and FABSCRAP

Circularity: The Big Picture

FABSCRAP’s collaboration with both Kyrgies and Drexel University proves what type of change is possible for the industry if old and new processes work together. A brand willing to develop a completely circular lifecycle, a school with innovative ideas, and a sustainability nonprofit as the conduit for materials results in a successful system shift towards circularity - and a new future.

My previous years as a designer, now combined with my experiences at FABSCRAP have led me to the conclusion that the role of a designer must change; what we know a designer to be now is destined to be different if we’re actually going to move towards circular systems,” remarks Camille Tagle, Cofounder and Creative Director of FABSCRAP. “It’s so meaningful that Kyrgies and Drexel University were open to this circular design project and that all three organizations worked so beautifully together to extend the life of these materials. It gives me hope that change in the industry is truly possible.


FABSCRAP is a nonprofit organization that works with the fashion, interior design, and entertainment industries to recycle and reuse fabric waste. While serving as an accessible materials resource for creative communities, FABSCRAP is educating current and future designers about the environmental impact of their choices and working to increase transparency and awareness about commercial waste. FABSCRAP has saved 1,641,981 pounds of fabric from landfill, the CO2-reducing equivalent of planting over 164,000 trees.

For more information on FABSCRAP and their mission as a textile reuse and recycling resource, please visit

About Drexel University

Founded in 1891 in Philadelphia, Drexel is a comprehensive R-1 level research university ofmore than 22,000 students with one of the country's most established cooperative educationprograms. Drexel is an urban research university that integrates education, scholarship, diversepartnerships, and our global community to address society’s most pressing challenges throughan inclusive learning environment, immersive experiential learning, external partnerships,transdisciplinary and applied research, and creative activity. The University prepares graduatesof diverse backgrounds to become purpose-driven professionals and agents for positive change.

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Special thanks to: Camille Tagle from FABSCRAP, Lisa Hayes at Drexel, the Drexel students for their amazing designs, and Laura Weber at LW Pearl Atelier.