Kyrgies Classics

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Mystery Bags are Back

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Embark on the Great Indoors

Every pair of Kyrgies is handmade and shaped by thousands of years of traditional wool craftsmanship.

Kids Walkabouts

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Kids Walkabouts

Kids' Tengries Walkabouts are available in Cold Gray, Magenta, and Heathered Navy. Grab a pair while they last!

The Happy House Shoe

Drop the outside world at the door and step into Kyrgies, a house shoe handcrafted for happy feet and indoor adventures.

Made by artisans in the fertile valleys of Kyrgyzstan, our felted wool Kyrgies slippers are designed to be snug, warm, and durable. With a classic style refined over generations, Kyrgies are built for all of your cozy expeditions in the Great Indoors.

Whether it’s working, playing, creating, or unwinding, elevate your at-home situation with our house shoes that make comfort a beautiful thing.

Sustainable Business Pledge

Kyrgies is Climate Neutral Certified and is committed to creating fair opportunities for our artisans while adhering to environmental and human rights standards for responsible production.

Handmade by Artisans

Every single pair of Kyrgies is made by hand using centuries-old felting techniques and felt that comes from family-owned farms. These old-world production practices allow us to make the highest quality house shoes available.

All Natural Wool

Kyrgies are handcrafted with wool made from mulesing-free sheep raised on small family-run farms. Wool is naturally odor-resistant, breathable, and durable. Its natural properties will keep your feet the perfect temperature no matter the weather.

The Eight Elements of Kyrgies

 Craftsmanship this precise calls for the best materials and the best practices, and each pair is shaped by a process honed over generations by Kyrgyzstan's traditional felters.

How Kyrgies Wovens are Made

Our durable wool Wovens house shoes are created through an intricate spinning, weaving, and hand sewing process. Designed to harness the warmth, moisture-wicking, and long-wearing properties of the valley’s local wool.