Kyrgies Wool Slippers with All Natural Sole - Low Back - Gray Men's

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Size: 7-7.5 (40 EU)

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Kyrgies All Naturals feature a thick chrome-free leather suede sole.

Kyrgies All Naturals are built on a wider mold with less orthopedic shape to them. We recommend this model for those of you that have wider feet, or simply prefer a wider fit.

For people who suffer chemical sensitivities, these are the perfect pair of slippers. The felt is made of wool, water, natural soap, and low-impact dyes. The leather is tanned without chrome or chromium.

The leather soles are durable and provide excellent grip. Leather soles are a style that have a natural feel and have stood the test of time.

Kyrgies house shoes are handmade in Kyrgyzstan by artisans using felting techniques that are, literally, centuries old. By wearing Kyrgies, you are embracing an old tradition of felted wool that was originally developed on the steppes of Central Asia but spread around the Western World via the infamous Silk Road. While our modern lives have brought us many conveniences, some things simply can't be improved upon. Wool felted shoes are one of those things.

About Sizing

The sizing on our product pages is a translation of the European sizing that is stamped on the bottom of our slippers. We've developed our translation to US sizes based on the feedback of our customers. If you think you are in between sizes, we suggest selecting the larger size.


Kyrgies do not like to get wet. Like wool sweaters, they will shrink and become misshapen. The magic of wool felt is that it wicks moisture and shouldn't ever smell. If you do spill motor oil or bacon grease all over your Kyrgies, you can save them by getting them dry cleaned. Just do not wash Kyrgies with water. It will change your Kyrgies and they will be rendered unwearable.


True to our name, Krygies are house shoes and will support your feet in comfort on carpeted or hardwood floors. But they are not designed to be worn outdoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 223 reviews
Wonderful! Good option for barefoot/minimalists

These are great! Warmer than socks, and made from beautiful natural materials. I am a fan of "barefoot" or "minimalist" shoes, but have issues with the cold on my feet. I'm so happy to find a slipper that honors my needs! I only wish there were other undyed colors. Such as brown, camel, cream... Anything in a more "autumnal" palate, as gray isn't a good color on me. They're so perfect in every other way. I know these were made with love, and I will buy again when these are worn through.

margaret bates

exceptional product

Comfy and Quality

Fits my usual sneaker size, starting out nice and snug, then loosening up a bit. Very comfortable and very high quality all around. Suede soles seem durable (definitely enough for indoor use). My only issue is the insoles I added (the comfy Kyrgies ones in green) keep getting pushed to the sides when I walk (only slightly annoying).
Overall, highly recommend these slippers!

Brittney Ludwig

Warm and comfortable!

Nicole Puri
Worth every penny

I got these for my elderly father who needed something very comfortable and easy to take on and off. He loves them and so it was worth every penny.

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