Bringing the Ancient Power of Wool Felt to Your Home


At Kyrgies, our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality wool slippers and house shoes that are not only comfortable and stylish but also sustainably and ethically made. We work directly with best-in-class suppliers to source the finest materials and ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our products not only enhance the homes of our customers but also contribute to the preservation of Central Asia's cultural heritage.

We are committed to creating positive social impact by working with a women-owned and operated factory in Kyrgyzstan that hires predominantly women and pays everyone a living wage. We believe that empowering women is crucial for sustainable development and social progress. We also support environmental sustainability by using sustainably sourced wool, vegetable-tanned leather, and minimal and recycled packaging whenever possible.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we donate a portion of our sales to environmental organizations that work to protect our planet. We strive to be a responsible and ethical business that makes a difference in the world.

Felt has been made around the world since prehistoric times. It has a special place in the cultural heritage of Central Asia. In fact, it was a vital part of the famous silk road trade route. Our factory has updated traditional techniques in order to produce at scale, with modern standards and quality.

We create products for people that care about where their clothing comes from. People that also consider their homes to be a special place and look forward to the ritual of arriving home, taking off outdoor shoes, and embracing their Kyrgies.

We Believe in the Power of Wool Felt

Handmade with Pride

We believe in making all things beautiful with care and intention, and in supporting fair trade practices wherever possible. That's why we work directly with a factory in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan that pays its workers a living wage and produces products using only high-quality materials sourced from local sheep farms.

Beyond treating its employees fairly, our partner factory is a world leader in wool felting. Every pair of Kyrgies is carefully hand-crafted. The talented artisans that make Kyrgies are devoted to their craft. They work together to make sure that every product meets the high standards we set ourselves. They take their time, paying meticulous attention to every detail, in pursuit of a product that you will want to wear day after day.

Natural Wool from the Source

The vast majority of their wool comes from small family-run farms in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz sheep produce wool with long fibers that are specifically perfect for felting. Blends of synthetic and wool felt often masquerade as “100% wool felt,” we can assure you that our wool felt truly is 100% made or wool. Kyrgyz sheep are also mulesing free as they are not prone to flystrike.

Our Future

Kyrgies continues to innovate and bring new products to our customers.

We started to stock Turkish Peshtemals after falling in love with them during a stopover in Istanbul on our way back from Kyrgyzstan.

Keep your eyes out for additional new products that may be coming out. In fact, we encourage you to sign up for our email or SMS messaging, as we may surprise you with a secret menu.