Old World Craftsmanship

Modern Comfort

Every pair of Kyrgies is shaped by thousands of years of traditional wool craftsmanship. 

Handmade in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous region of peaks and fertile valleys, Kyrgies embody the ancient, essential connection between the sheep that roam the hillsides and the Kyrgyz people that raise them for their wool.

Designed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, our wool house slippers reflect a blend of durability and a refined style honed by Kyrgyzstan’s wool artisans over generations. Throughout our artisanal process, we are guided by an old-world approach to production that has been scaled to meet the modern world. 

Our factory's ability to produce wool felt is legendary. This can be attributed to the skill and love that the artisans give to their work. Every pair of Kyrgies that is produced is touched by the hands of many Kyrgyz artisans. From the sheep shearer to the quality control expert that signs off on every pair.

All production managers in our factory are women. 80% of the artisans in our factory are also women. We are proud to produce a product that has a positive impact on women’s lives in Kyrgyzstan. Every day, we celebrate the producers who craft our products and feel thankful for the opportunity of making a difference.

You are buying more than just a pair of slippers, you are supporting real people from a beautiful country who take pride in their work.