Women's Kyrgies Molded Sole - Low Back

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Color: Charcoal

Size: 5 (35 EU)

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Kyrgies Molded All Naturals: Fully natural slippers with arch support

Find your feet again indoors with our Kyrgies Molded All Naturals, a house shoe designed for those wanting a firmer slipper. Handcrafted using natural wool felt, these shoes include a thick leather sole that has been specially molded to give orthopedic support to the base of your feet, as well as additional felt cushioning.

If you've found conventional slippers leave your feet feeling flat and uncomfortable, our supportive house shoes will restore your faith. Not only will they keep your feet warm, cozy and dry thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of wool, but they're made exclusively from natural materials. Whether you've faced chemical sensitivity to slippers in the past, or want arch support without compromising on a commitment to all-nature fashion, these house shoes will be the perfect fit.

Handcrafted by local artisans in our workshop in Kyrgyzstan from wool sourced from small, family-run farms, these shoes have sustainability woven into each and every fibre. What's more, their vegetable-tanned leather sole not only provides arch support and a non-slip grip, but is better for the environment than standard chromium-dyed leathers.

Are these house shoes a sustainable fashion choice?

Oh yes! We're proud of our commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion and environmental choices underpin everything we do. Our slippers are designed using natural materials where possible, including low-impact dyes and leather tanning practices that avoid the use of chromium, a highly toxic metal that can leach into waterways and poison ecosystems.

We aim to follow fair trade practices throughout our manufacturing process, including paying our staff in Kyrgyzstan fair and honest wages. What's more, we're committed to leaving the planet in a better position than we found it through our work with 1% for the Planet and by offsetting our carbon emissions through Carbon Neutral.

Read about our sustainability commitments and craftsmanship to learn more.


They look amazing; can I wear them outside to show them off to my neighbors?

We get it; all of our shoes look cool and we love showing them off to our friends. Unfortunately, any showcasing of your brand new slippers should take place inside the home. Kyrgies are designed to face the Great Indoors; wearing them out on the drive, pottering around the garage or roaming around the garden will only lead to misshapen wool felt for your shoes and bitter disappointment for you. Seriously, keep them indoors.

I'm sold! How can I buy the perfect size orthotic slipper?

As with all handmade products, sizing can vary from slipper to slipper, despite the careful work of our artisans in Kyrgyzstan. To avoid disappointment, if you're between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger shoe.

If you do find that your slipper doesn't fit perfectly, our returns policy means you can quickly and easily swap for the size you need.

How can I keep my Kyrgies in tip-top condition?

The most important thing you can do is keep your brand new house slippers away from the laundry room. Wool felt is designed to keep your feet warm and dry by wicking away moisture, but it doesn't react well to being washed. Contact with water can cause your slippers to shrink or lose their shape.

If the worst happens and you have an accident with bacon grease or similar (yup, we've all done it), a trip to your local dry cleaners should return your shoes to new.

Customer Reviews

Based on 704 reviews
Marta Buist
Supporting companies who support artisans

I’ve made a conscious effort this year to support companies who are being the change they wish to see. I’m looking for companies making an impact for good whether it be circularity, the way they package goods, their support of artisans, etc. they’re out there and with our purchase we are voting for change. I had to order the 9.5-10 size even though I’m usually between and 8.5/9. The 8.5/9 was too small. I had to return them then wait for the new size to arrive. All In all it was fairly quick. I like that they’re wool and have a nice sole and some support but not too much that they feel stiff or heavy or like shoes. I wanted slippers with just a touch of structure which these are. I prefer to wear them with Thick socks as without them there seems to be a lot of wiggle room because of my narrow feet. The wool is very soft, definitely softer to the touch then other felted wool slippers I’ve had. I recommend them and will by another pair for my home in houston. Hope this helps.

Cheryl Olen
Slipping on comfort

My ‘low backs’ are perfect to step into and be instantly surrounded in warmth and natural comfort. I love everything about them!

Kayla Burda
Wonderful slippers

Great slippers! Only wish they had a little more support, but overall very nice!

Alexandra Bliss

Women's Kyrgies Molded Sole - Low Back

Dylan H.
Arch support!

These are the best. Comfy, warm, and supportive. This is the type of product that produces instant loyalty. Can’t recommend highly enough. I got them for my wife for Christmas last year and had to get myself a pair. Take out of the WANT list, put it in the NEED list, then over to the HAVE list.

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