Men's Wool Slides

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Color: Gray

Size: 7-7.5 (40 EU)

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Kyrgies Slides

Go low-key stylish this with our lightest and coolest pair of Kyrgies yet. Enjoy the same all-natural wool from the same sustainable sources: this time they are in a lighter weight slipper that's easier to get on and off your feet.

Available in four gorgeous colors and lovingly handmade by our artisans in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, our Kyrgies Slides are part of a felting tradition dating back thousands of years. Made from sheets of felt that are cut and sewn together, they’re a lightweight and easy to slip on take on our classic Tengries. Expect all the comfort, just with a looser fit and slightly thinner felt.

Are these house shoes as sustainable as the rest of the Kyrgies range? 

We’re proud to say they are! As a company, we’re concerned about what goes into the manufacturing processes of our house shoes and, as a result, onto our bodies. It’s for this very reason why all of our Kyrgies are chemical free and use vegetable tanned leather soles rather than the highly toxic chromium normally employed in the tanning process. 

Our commitment to low-impact and socially-responsible fashion doesn’t end there, though. All of our wool is sourced from small, family-owned flocks, while our factory in Kyrgyzstan pays fair wages to all its staff. We also work closely with a range of nonprofits and environmental movements to ensure our net impact is positive. Find out more about our commitment to becoming carbon neutral on our sustainability page.  


I love them! Wouldn’t they look wonderful out of the house, too?

Hold on! While we wish we had a pair of Kyrgies for every eventuality, the big no-no when it comes to these slippers is wearing them outside. They’re designed exclusively for the Great Indoors — however good they might look!

There’s a strong chance that contact with water will damage your new slippers, leading them to become misshapen and even uncomfortable. Avoid future regrets by keeping them in the comfort — and dryness — of your own home. 

How do I know which size will fit? 

As these slippers are handcrafted, sizing does vary a little, even though we do our best to ensure consistency across our shoes. For optimum comfort, we recommend choosing the larger size if you’re between sizes.

If the unthinkable happens and the slipper doesn’t fit, we operate a helpful returns policy for you to exchange for one that does. 

I’m a klutz. What happens if I spill something on my new Kyrgies? 

We can’t stress the following enough: don’t even consider getting a damp cloth or throwing them in the laundry. Water is not a friend of your Kyrgies! Instead, a trip to the dry cleaners will do the trick.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Jesse Eaves

They're so dang comfy. Very warm in a fridged Tahoe winter. Now I want to buy the outdoor slippers.

Laura Speights
Warm and comfy

Absolutely love my new slippers! They keep my feet warm and cozy. And I know in the summer they will let my feet breath. I love natural products made out of natural materials, so these were a no brainer. About to get a pair for my hubby and will definitely recommend these to my friends and family.

High Quality Slippers with a few flaws

Generally, I prefer when I can just slip on my slippers without having to use my hands and I wouldn’t say that these meet that requirement. There is a weird lip at the back that you really have to take over your heel. I sized up based on their sizing guidance and honestly which I had sized down so the lip would be more snug around my heel. I end up just slipping them on and stepping on the back, which isn’t super comfortable but should flatten over time. I loved my time in Kyrgyzstan and these feel very nostalgic for me, but when I purchase again I will definitely get a different style. The quality is top notch and they are super comfortable.

Bruce Guthrie

gave them as a gift. my friend loves everything about them.

Great slippers!

Nice comfortable slippers in a great green color. Would recommend!

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