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Color: Navy

Size: 7-7.5 (40 EU)

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Tengries: Dapper wool house shoes perfect for your home office

Transport yourself from home to home office without even changing your shoes thanks to our smart, durable and exceedingly comfortable Tengries. Nothing better typifies the Kyrgies brand than these handmade felt house shoes, which will help you stay professional without compromising on comfort.

Available in six colorful shades and lovingly handcrafted by artisans in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Tengries are made from large sheets of wool felt that is cut and hand sewn into shape. As a result, they’re far softer and more pliable than our rolled felt house shoes. With their non-slip leather soles and elastic sewn into the fabric, they’re designed to adapt snugly to your feet, all while still allowing you to pull them on with ease. The result? House shoes so cozy they’ll be like a warm hug all the way up to your ankles.

They may look smart enough to be worn outside, but Tengries are strictly house shoes. While wool is your ultimate companion for making sweaty feet a thing of the past (they’re moisture-wicking and odor resistant, after all), felted wool doesn’t perform well in wet conditions. Where it does perform is within the home, on everything from carpet to hardwood floors. Tengries aren’t the ticket for taking out the garbage; instead, think of them as a house shoe that won’t make you blush when your boss catches sight of them on Zoom.

Talk to me about why Tengries are an eco-friendly choice

We never compromise on quality or conscious decision-making for any of our products. All of our house shoes have been made using low-impact dyes and are chemical-free, while our Tengries use a thicker, vegetable tanned leather on the sole — a tanning technique that avoids highly toxic chromium that can leach into and pollute waterways. As a result, our leather provides a thick, cushioned layer that adapts to your feet for absolute comfort.

What’s more, through our commitments to 1% for the Planet and Carbon Neutral, we go out of our way to minimise our environmental impact, all while maximising the positive social impact of adopting fair-trade practices at our factory in Kyrgyzstan. Read about our sustainability commitments and craftsmanship to learn more.


Hang on, these don’t even look like slippers! Can’t I just wear them outside?

Tengries certainly are deceptively cool looking slippers, but they’re definitely not a good choice for outdoors. Water can cause wool felt to misshapen, leaving your once cozy and cute Tengries house shoes a deformed mess — which we imagine isn’t the look you’re going for. Instead, keep them indoors where they’ll live a long and happy life.

How can I work out which size will fit?

We always recommend choosing your normal size shoe, although if you’re between sizes, opt for the larger one. If your new house slippers do come up a little large, a cozy pair of socks (or one of our specially-designed insoles) should do the trick.

Please note that being handcrafted, our slippers have a small chance of coming up larger or smaller in size than expected. If this is the case, our fast returns service means you can swap them for the correct size.

How can I keep my Kyrgies clean?

As we’ve said above, your Tengries should be kept far away from water. If you have an unfortunate accident involving bacon grease or similar, we recommend a quick trip to your nearest dry cleaners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 809 reviews
Lynn Collins
Warm, Comfy, Large for Size, Not Easy to Slip-On

They were bigger than the usual size 10 I buy and weren’t as easy to slip on as I expected. I was looking for a slipper I could slip my foot into while standing up. I can recommend them for warmth and comfort.

Laurie Burdick

The fit is amazing!! I have narrow feet and am so thrilled that these slippers are not loose and floppy like department store slippers!! I definitely recommend tracing your feet as directed on the website. I would have ordered the completely wrong size, but ordered according to the directions and they are the PERFECT size!! They are SO well made and so classy compared to quilted flannel slippers.

I don't typically spend this much on a pair of slippers, but very glad I took the risk on these!! I don't like slippsers with soles - might as well wear shoes. But holes wear quickly in the bottom of fabric soled slippers. I go through a lot of 'sock slippers', so if these last a year, they will have paid for themselves easily! I also appreciate their minimal packaging! Thank you Kyrgies!!!

Manda Johnson

I so love my Kyrgios, I keep shopping for the rest of my family. Cosy comfortable light sustainable ethical- everything I wanted

Nancy Howe
Love everything about this company

They ship without plastics. Everything can return to earth. The slippers are form fitting and very comfortable. A lovely shade of blue, too.

Scott Jackson
Comfy +

Wore out my first pair after years of daily wear.
Breaking in my new pair.
Comfy and warm!

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