The Making of Kyrgies Wovens

The Making of Kyrgies Wovens - Kyrgies

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Kyrgies workshop—Wovens. Lightweight and unstructured, Wovens are roomy with a lofty warmth. They’re also foldable and packable, perfect for tucking in your overnight bag or backpack for easy travel.

Wovens are ideal for anyone with foot sensitivity who prefers a lightly-shaped house shoe. For additional warmth or gentle support, layer them over socks.

Wovens reflect our commitment to supporting the craft traditions and communities of Kyrgyzstan. The process of making this product is based on the traditional “zhalpy” weaving technique on the traditional Ormek collapsible loom. This technique is found in the remote Alay Valley of southern Kyrgyzstan.

Our durable wool Wovens house shoes are created through an intricate spinning, weaving, and hand sewing process. Designed to harness the warmth, moisture-wicking, and long-wearing properties of the valley’s local wool.

Watch these these videos to experience the making of Kyrgies Wovens for yourself.



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  • Author image
    Mary: January 11, 2022

    I so enjoyed watching this process! The weavers and all involved with the construction were fantastic! Just ordered my 3rd pair and I have gotten my family ordering now as well!

  • Author image
    Helen Klemchuk: January 11, 2022

    I LOVE the look of these! After I get them for the whole family, I just may have to get another pair for myself!

  • Author image
    Jessica Ebanks: January 11, 2022

    I loved watching these videos, they really gave me an appreciation for the process and the work that goes into each shoe.

  • Author image
    Jessica Ebanks: January 11, 2022

    Really amazing videos, I love seeing the process. Gives you so much appreciation for the work that goes into each shoe!!

  • Author image
    Cathy Gillis: January 11, 2022


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