A responsible company providing ritual comfort in your home, or wherever you may roam.

Fair Employment

Kyrgies is committed to creating fair employment opportunities for women in Kyrgyzstan. It is also a proponent of a $15 minimum wage in the United States.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

Wearing Kyrgies means embracing a celebrating a cultural legacy of wool felting that has existing in central Asia for centuries.


Kyrgies is committed to creating the smallest impact on the planet possible. We are also a member of 1% For the Planet.

Not many companies today are run like this one.

Caitlin Sims, Kyrgies customer

People and Planet

Here at Kyrgies, we believe in responsible commerce and source our products directly from a women’s art collective in Kyrgyzstan. 

 Why does that matter? 

Not only do we want to bring wellness to your home with natural, cozy Kyrgies, but also to advocate for the wellbeing of the people who make our products. We believe this makes our products special.


We partner directly with a factory whose primary goal is to employ artisans at a living wage and does not engage in forced labor practices. 

Every pair of Kyrgies you purchase helps provide sustainable income for women in Kyrgyzstan, which is one of the poorest countries in Central Asia.The Kyrgyz women who make our Kyrgies use felting techniques that have been developed over thousands of years. They mix their hands in water, wool, and 100% natural soap, not harmful toxic chemicals. 

By sourcing our felt products in Kyrgyzstan, we are supporting a sustainable cultural legacy.


PlanetWe consider the social and environmental impacts at all stages of production and delivery. 

 The production of our wool felt is free of harmful chemicals. 

 We’ve streamlined our use of packaging and simply use envelopes made of partially recycled paper. Less packaging not only means less wasted paper products, but also less fuel to deliver them. Every bit counts, and as we mail out thousands of pairs of Kyrgies, this efficiency adds up..

Proud Member of 1% for the Planet

Kyrgies is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an international organization made up of businesses that pledge to donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes.

New Obsession

"Received these and haven't taken them off! I love the high back because it makes my feet feel so secure and cozy. The material is soft and warm. I've been looking for slippers that were comfortable, ethically made, and kept my feet warm. These do just the trick! The tawny port is a beautiful color and I simply couldn't be happier. Look forward to gifting these to friends and family."

Kyrgies Customer - Rachael Gorjestani