How Kyrgies Are Made

This is the wool that makes up our Heathered Navy slippers being "carded." Carding is essentially combing the wool, over and over, until it forms into felt. Heathered Navy is among our most popular colors and it's fascinating to see the different colors of wool that make up the melange that becomes one solid color. 

This wool has been cleaned three times and dyed all of these different shades of blue. Here it is being fed into the carding machine. After a few times through it becomes our Heathered Navy. 

This is the same wool coming out the other side of the carding machine.

Here, one of the artisans who make Kyrgies is preparing carded Spruce colored wool. This Spruce will be cut into slippers that are then wet felted and formed to molds.

These guys are stretching the wet felted slippers onto molds, where they will dry and take shape. This step is very demanding physically and requires tremendous hand strength.