Welcome to the Cozy Life

A Brief Guide to Wearing Kyrgies

At Home

Kyrgies and Kyrgies Classics are both classic house shoes. Your home is your sanctuary. Kyrgies help you treat it as such. By putting on your Kyrgies upon arrival at home, you are signaling to yourself that you can leave the worries of the outside world outside.

In Scandinavia, Japan, Thailand, and elsewhere around the world, people remove their shoes and put on slippers when they enter a home. But in the United States, we tend to wear shoes in the house. Skipping this cherished ritual means tracking in dirt – and rushing through the physical and mental transition from the stress of the outside world to the coziness of home. A home is a sanctuary. We believe there is an untapped wellspring of wellbeing in the simple act of removing our outside shoes and slipping into natural indoor footwear. 


Kyrgies Classics are intended for indoor wear only, but Kyrgies and Kyrgies Naturals can be worn outside the house too. We don’t recommend wearing them rock climbing, or on a construction site, but if you need to pick up the kids at school, or run to the store, Kyrgies can get you there. 

They are not waterproof, so be warned, but they’re sturdy enough for basic errands.

After Activities

After Yoga

All of our products are the perfect thing to wear after yoga. Wool wicks away moisture, meaning sweaty feet become dry quicker in Kyrgies than in anything else you can put on your feet. The wool felt that touches your feet is also all-natural, so Kyrgies fit in perfectly with the natural aesthetic that fits the ancient practice of yoga.

After Workouts

Just like after yoga, sweaty feet from the gym or from a run can be made dry simply by putting Kyrgies on. Leaving the gym and putting on cotton socks and shoes can lead to athlete’s foot and bad smells.

About Insoles

Kyrgies’ insoles are nuno-felted, a more modern technique than the rolled wool that makes up Kyrgies and Kyrgies Classics. The nuno-felted insoles give your feet support, and make them more comfortable for people who want some support. If you prefer a natural, or barefoot feel, then the insoles are not necessary. But if you want support and comfort, the insoles help provide both. 

The insoles are not as effective for wicking moisture as Kyrgies worn alone.